Our Mission Statement:

We aim to promote a change in the way society views Down Syndrome - by focusing on strengthening their foundation into the world. We encourage, empower, support, and provide resources for families in New York City with a Down Syndrome diagnosis in order for them to better advocate for their loved ones - and in turn show the world exactly what these individuals are capable of.


Samantha and Marilyn were born on the same day with a little extra chromosome.  Their mommas -Iris and Larissa- craved a community in which they could feel accepted, united, and supported. Sammy's dad - Jamie - longed for a network of strong fathers dedicated to their families and the advancement of

their children. After some searching, we decided to

create our own community powered by everything we

know families like us could appreciate and enjoy.


T21 Rocks! aims to show the world the new face of Down Syndrome.  We want to help break down all thoughts of what Trisomy 21 was once perceived to be, and promote the upcoming generation! A generation supported by loving families and a strong community!  A generation capable of being fully included and integrated

 within society; attending college; as well as living and working independently.  


The T21 Rocks! family wants to be there to show the world what

all individuals with Trisomy 21 are capable of - beginning with

their families. Funding from generous public contributions

enables us to secure meeting spaces and resources for our community.


Our mission is to help educate families in order for them to be better advocates for their loved ones. We hold monthly meetings in which families are able to come together to talk about daily

life. On occasion we have licensed professionals come in to speak with the group on specific topics as well. Jamie hosts

our Down Syndrome Daddies group (D.S.D.) which allows the

man in the household the opportunity to connect, network,

and relax with other local dads. In addition, Larissa hosts a

bi-monthly walk around Morningside Park which

encourages good health for the entire family.  


We are based out of NYC, and all of our events are located

 around the city. However, we also Skype with families that

 cannot commute to our meetings. Maintaining a secure,

 connected community that empowers and educates each 

other is our number one priority. We want to let other

 families know they are not alone on their journey.  We support each other and provide advice, strength, and resources where necessary. We encourage parents

and family members along, and we will be there to help

celebrate your loved ones as they achieve their goals and

dreams! Our children have no limits, they can do

and be whatever they want because, T21 ROCKS!!

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