Managing Behavior with Stephorna Barnes-Patterson, ABA Therapist

March 9, 2016


We had the fabolous Stephorna Barnes - Patterson ABA, Therapist on hand giving us info and answering our questions last week! She Here is a brief overview of information she shared with us!  This is super brief, she gave us loads of info, feel free to contact us for more detailed information - Inquiries@T21Rocks.Org


Tantrum issues?  Let your child know the behavior is unacceptable then just ignore them until it blows off.  Keep in mind parenting is a seesaw of give and take.  Your child must understand they do what you want and then they can do what they want.  Do not give in to their demands; they have to complete whatever is asked of them - even if it means allowing them to melt down and then compose themselves first!


Potty tip!  Potty training is more difficult for adults than the kids!  It's a lot of mess and a lot of attention and time!  The thing is you have to be ready for the work!  Once you go to underwear do not switch back to pull ups or diapers!!  Even if the process takes months you need to be patient to see it through in order to get the results!  You must also keep in mind your child's developmental age - this can have a tremendous effect on their potty progress.  You know them best.  Start small!  Just let them sit on the potty when you do, and let them know this is how big kids go!  She also advised a great way to start is to pick one set time consistently - for example first thing in the morning put them on the potty - make it part of the routine, you must pee on the potty then we can get ready for school.  Once they master that first morning potty you can add a potty before bed or after lunch.


Is your loved one with Down Syndrome set up with a Medicaid Waiver?  This free waiver from NYC can help supplement your private insurance for medical bills and therapy, as well as get you access to a ComHab Worker, and respite services.  Contact OPWDD for more information for going through the Front Door Process.  This is a free service for our loved ones with special needs!


Did you know there are all sorts of grants for new homeowners in New York State?  One great resource is Habitat for Humanity, you help build a home, and one gets built for you!!  Check them out at


Again this is a super brief look into our talk with Mrs. Stephorna!  It was such a pleasure having her share her knowledge and time from her crazy schedule with our T21Rocks! Family!


Look out for our upcoming 3/21 Walkathon on March 20th at Central Park! Videos to come!!


All the best!


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